International Women’s day

Today is International Women’s Day: a very important day to remind us the fundamental role of women in our civilisation. Although it is a celebration, it also reminds us that the achievement of equal rights is not yet over: we still have to fight daily for the world in which we live, against inequality, against sexism, and above all, against violence.

We must stand up and fight for woman’s voice.

All together, let’s spend today not only to celebrate, but as a time of reflection, to rethink our attitudes, to actively work to create a society without prejudice, without injustice and without inequality.

As a young entrepreneur, who works in a market that is almost 100% female and with the desire to be a mother one day, I am in favour of a fairer society for all of us and for our future generation.

Equal rights are not only a necessity, but crucial for the development of our society.

We can be strong and fascinating!

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