Rá Hoop Earrings

Rá Hoop Earrings


Earrings made from laser-cut formica foils. The glaze of the piece is hand made and finished with screws.

Weight (each side): 12g
Inner circle diameter: 3.5 cm

Pendant size: 3,5 x 4 cm

Entirely handmade in Brazil.

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The designer

Her creative process starts with research of the materials used in her contemporary pieces. Old materials, especially those coming from the industrial waste, are among her favorites. After having chosen raw materials, she develops the concept of the collection and produces prototypes. As an upcycling brand, Fernanda Torquett has very small production capacity. The production size is defined by the quantity of available material. All her production chain is environmentally friendly, and empowers her craftwork mark.


When not using, keep the jewellery in original package.

Avoid impact.

Avoid direct contact with water. Excess of humidity can damage the jewellery.

Salt, soap, alcohol gel, perfumes and other cosmetics can damage the jewellery. Let the skin dry before putting on the piece.

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